‚Security Insights‘ on Russia

Current research papers by Mark Galeotti – ever an interesting read!

In Moscow's Shadows

Russia’s Security Council Where Policy, Personality, and Process MeetI’m fortunate to be part of a research project based at the George C Marshall Centre for European Security Studies looking at Russian strategic intentions and institutions, and as part of that I – like the illustrious other members of the team – are writing a series of short briefs that are being published under their Security Insights rubric.

There is a lot of good material there, but for those who might be interested, here are the ones of mine published to date, with their key points:

The Baltic States as Targets and Levers: The Role of the Region in Russian Strategy (2019)

  • Before the worsening of Russia-Western relations in 2014, the Russian speakers of Narva, Estonia, and Riga, Latvia, in particular, were willing to leverage their sense of being excluded and neglected in the name of mobilizing constituencies for political impact. However, they show no enthusiasm now for exchanging…

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“Better Than A Bartender?” Not Necessarily, Suggests Review Of 40 Years Of Research On Criminal Profiling

Very interesting piece on offender profiling research. Still way to go for scientific rigor: “Better Than A Bartender?” Not Necessarily, Suggests Review Of 40 Years Of Research On Criminal Profiling via the app https://main-researchdigest-bps.content.pugpig.com/2019/01/30/better-than-a-bartender-not-necessarily-suggests-review-of-40-years-of-research-on-criminal-profiling/pugpig_index.html

Burden of Command

VERY interesting computer war game around the corner!

See upcoming „Burden of Command“ (BoC) as an attempt to not only model combat (well known by stacks of wargames), but especially psychological aspects of stress, leadership and combat psychology, as well as moral dilemmata of fighting.
This is literally the white elefant of gaming, not very often tried out until recently: one might imagine BoC as „This war of mine“ or „Frostpunk“ with their psychological and moral twists turned hardcore-wargaming!
Keep an eye on the game and check out this recent interview with the developer.