Top Ten Ethics & Compliance Predictions and Recommendations for 2015 by Navex Global – what’s in it for (continental) Europe?

Recently, Ed Petry has published Navex Global’s predictions regarding trends in Compliance Management for 2015.

So, what is on their top-10-list?

  1. Increasing pressure to maximize the ROI of ethics and compliance
  2. Dealing with conflicting legal requirements: guns, drugs and marriage in the USA
  3. Culture (still) trumps compliance
  4. Maybe one size does fit all: Moving toward a uniform, global model for compliance
  5. Regulatory enforcement moves down market
  6. Gender diversity—are quotas the answer?
  7. Crime and punishment: Chief Compliance Officers who fail, get targeted by law enforcement, as cases in UK and the U.S. do demonstrate
  8. Key trends from the U.S. Dodd-Frank Whistleblowing Program annual report
  9. Technology-enabled ethics and compliance is ready for takeoff
  10. Cybersecurity: A risk that needs to be on your ethics and compliance to-do list

While this selection might be somewhat skewed towards an anglo-american perspective on compliance management (e.g., the strong focus on any kind of compliance-ROI), at least 6 of the identified trends  ring a bell in continental-european, especially German ears as well!

They coincidend quite nicely with findings from the recent trend study bei Proteus Secur Compliance and Solutions GmbH based on in-depth-interviews with a sample of German CCO’s (mostly DAX-based).

These interview-partners describe a growing importance of cybersecurity issues, they see – quite obvious when focussing on current German policy discussions – regulatory issues that tend to drive „a one size fits all“-approach as well as gender-discussions.

And, yes, there is no way for midsized and smaller companies to avoid embracing compliance and integrity. Who still thinks, his (mostly) or her firm can do without it, will pay dearly. This is – by and large – no  more a prediction, but a fact.

Alas, although sharing a view that these topics might be relevant, there is still some dissent that technology or unified processes might be all the answers. Culture very often is the root cause for  many compliance-dysfunctionalities. It is also an essential part of any answer to overcome the more complex forms of resistance to integrity and compliance management.

In intercultural terms, it seems to be quite interesting to notice, how much leeway we allow for individual dilemma management and integrity leadership vs. process-driven solutions: in the end both perspectices are neccessary – whatever will be the real trends for 2015.

In about a year we will know better …


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