Narrative Science

There is another start-up in the data visualization business you might want to take notice of. Narrative Science is different, as they do no visualize in a „classic“ way, but instead they turn data into stories: „Narrative Science provides a platform called Quill that translates raw data into tangible narratives. That sounds bizarre, and it is. Instead of providing endless amounts of charts and spreadsheets, Quill uses artificial intelligence algorithms to correctly identify germane data points in a set to create easily understood written reports. The three-year-old company’s CTO Kris Hammond explains the platform’s process as simply “mining data for meaning and insight.”

On the company website the idea of storytelling is a new dimension is explained further: „The promise of big data has yet to be fulfilled. There is a clear and immediate opportunity to bridge the gap between data and the people who need to understand it and act on it. For us, that bridge is the power of a story. Storytelling is one of humankind’s most fundamental communication methods. A story explains data, making it more understandable, meaningful and actionable. It presents insight in a way that anyone, not just a data scientist or analyst, can read and understand.“

Well, let’s see what will come out of this. At least, the investment-arm of the CIA has high expectations, as In-Q-Tel has already invested in the start-up.


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