Wargaming: Money for nothing?

A couple of recent posts by Rex Brynen (see his excellent blog most often!) have shed a new light on some ongoing discussions about the usefulness of gaming for intelligence analysis and – for the more philosophically minded – the place of counterfactual thinking – commonly referred to as „alternative history“ – in heavyweight historical reasoning. See for Yourself!

Boardgaming and the US intelligence community

Pros and cons of counterfactual thinking

Review of „A distant plain“ (see below)

For a detailed look at the capabilities of these „tools“ one might have a closer look at  computer games such as „Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations„) or boardgames like the already mentioned „A distant plain“ as insightful tools for getting at a better understanding of conflict dynamics and „stories“ in analytic intelligence.

At least from a didactic perspektive we see some really powerful training instruments, maybe even (much) more in terms of serious gaming …


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